Cheap Travel Insurance: Is it Worth it?

Cheap Travel Insurance: Is it Worth it?

When you are about to set out on a new travel adventure, you probably wonder if travel insurance, even cheap travel insurance is really worth it?

There are a number of ways in which a cheap travel insurance is helpful:
1. It cover most adventure activities.
2. It has exceptional world wide assistance in case of emergency.
3. It is available to travelers from most countries.
4. You can claim online while still traveling.
5. You can extend it when your plans change.
6. It covers your gear from iPads to laptops to digital cameras.

There however are situation where a travel insurance does not cover:

1. Avoidable and unnecessary risks

Some people especially young people end up doing stupid things during the trip and forget to be more careful than they are at home.  This leads to petty accidents like falling off the stair case and into a swimming pool.  One should be more careful to avoid such cases.

2.Accidents due to alcohol

A sober mind is definitely the best state to be in a foreign country where one is less familiar with the streets and roads.  To avoid cases of being hit by motor cycles or cars you need to be careful when drinking as the policy does not cover cases resulting from alcohol influence.

3.Sexually transmitted infections acquired due to irresponsible sexual behaviors while on trip

The policy definitely does not cover cases of items being stolen by an overnight sex partner acquired by an irresponsible client or cases of sexually transmitted infections acquired during the trip.

4.Existing medical complications

The policy only covers complications related to the trip but not existing complications that were there even before the client bought the policy.

5.Emergencies after visits to war zones or areas facing civic unrest

Even though travel insurance covers for most countries and areas it has its exclusions one of which relates to insecure areas.  A client is likely to become uncovered in case he goes to an area which he definitely knows is not safe or the government’s travel advisory advises him not to go there.  The travel insurance company actually tries to help the client find a safer path.

Just like any other insurance coverage, travel insurance has some fine print when it is emailed to you after you buy the policy.  It is advisable that you read the policy in order for you to understand what the insurance covers and what it doesn’t.

In addition to providing a cover for one from losses and during emergencies, the travel insurance company also spends months planning a trip which makes things easy for the client.  A cheap travel insurance is therefore a factor to be considered by private travelers as it guarantees you of a safe,reasonable and epic trip.It indeed is a policy worth considering.

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